February 9th - 11th, 2023
World Equestrian Center

A World Class
Equestrian Event

Come experience the elegance of the best Clydesdale, Belgian and Percheron Six Horse Hitches in the world compete at the best facility in the world.
February 9th - 11th, 2023
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Start Times
Competition @ 4 pm | World or Red party @ 8:30 pm
World Equestrian Center
Arena 5
Dress Code Casual
If you are attending the World of Red party you can come in dress attire

About the Event

If you like to be entertained with elegance then look into the Grandview World Nights which is an elegant evening event incorporating the majestic elegance and power of the Clydesdales, Belgians and Percherons horse breeds. This evening is designed to entertain and captivate you by merging the gentle giants brawn synchronized to tremendous heart pounding instrumental music.

The intensity of auditory sensation and energy this amount of horse power can produce is chilling. The thunderous sound of hundreds of pounding  hooves that can only described as pure horse power. These world level hitches demand your attention, from the craftmanship of the harness to the astonishing wagons they pull. Come experience the gentle giants under the evening lights and enjoy a side of the equine world you may have never known existed.
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Thursday 4PM - 6PM

  • Percheron Four Horse Hitch
  • Clydesdale Four Horse Hitch
  • Belgian Four Horse Hitch
  • All Breed 8 Horse Hitch
  • Youth Cart

Friday 4PM - 6PM

  • All Breed Grandview World Nights Six Horse Hitch Championship
  • All Breed Team
  • Percheron Unicorn
  • Clydesdale Unicorn
  • Belgian Unicorn

Saturday 4PM - 6PM

  • All Breed Grandview World of Red Six Horse Hitch Championship
  • Grandview World Nights Clydesdale Ladies Cart Championship
  • Grandview World Nights Belgian Ladies Cart Championship
  • Grandview World Nights Percheron Ladies Cart Championship


Standard Seating


Corner Seating


Straight Away Seating
Enjoy a elegant evening experience at a one-of-a-kind facility featuring the most prestigious equine driving combinations seen in the world. Showcasing the power and grace of the Clydesdales, Belgians and Percherons breeds.
Seating is individual stadium chairs with armrests and ample room
Add on an After Party ticket for just $35
Seats are limited
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*All ticket sales are final. No refunds.

VIP Stadium Seating


Thursday & Friday


Upgrade your elegant evening experience with premium seating in the best location of the arena with the best viewing within the stands.

This ticket also gives you a photo opportunity with your favorite driver or driver's and autograph signing with all the hitch drivers; featuring some of the best and most famous 6 and 8 horse hitch drivers in the world.
Best stadium seating in the arena
Closest bathroom access
Closest bar access
Best stadium seating in the arena
Meet the CEO of Grandview after the show
Drivers Meet & Greet Autograph Session
Includes World of Red Party ticket (Saturday Ticket Only)
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*All ticket sales are final. No refunds.

On the Floor VIP Table Seating


per person
Saturday Only
Get the closest viewing possible of these 1-ton horses in competition. Feel the thunder and wind as they blow by you on ground level. Enjoy the comfortable chairs and round tables for the ultimate event experience with an open bar till the conclusion of the horse show and a free meal. Then enter right into the Grandview World of Red After-party, including exclusive seating in this private seating lounge. Receive a private Lounge drink attendant during the after-party, as well.

Table seats up to 8 People, includes after-party tickets, VIP area at the after-party, a meal with the show, and private VIP Bar. *Min 2 Ticket Purchase
Seat up to 8 people
Includes After Party ticket
VIP area at the After Party
Meal Included
Private VIP Bar
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Grandview World of Red Party


Enjoy access into a deluxe party with a renowned band out of Orlando that has mastered every genera. Enjoy drinking and dancing within this safe upscale environment located at the World Equestrian Center.
Wear your fanciest red attire
Purchase a ticket to the show to get $15 off your party ticket
*All ticket sales are final. No refunds.

A World Class Facility

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